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About Us

Sino Scheme provides cap and hat products specializing promotional premium for enterprises over the world.

Established since 1997, Sino Scheme Industrial Limited is a manfacturer for caps & hats.  We are wholeheartedly dedicated to advocate design in products, especially in promotional items to meet our customers' projects in advertising activities over decades, our products has been highly appreciated by a wide range of enterprises, brands like Coca Cola, Motorola, Bacardi, C.K., Umbro, B.M.W., New York, Adidas, CAT, Toyota, KFC and so forth.

To Sino Scheme, caps and hats are not only sportswear, they are fashion accessories and can be used as advertising premium as a "channel" connecting the business market.  We believe the potential of caps and hats is beyond the ordinary function, client's logo put on caps and hats can be like a symbol continually participating in people daily life as essential premium, while people carried the product with logo, they will remember the brand day by day.  The mission of Sino Scheme is to produce premium in a higher quality level for advertising purpose, engage with exquisite workmanship in order that caps and hats can be used as the most inspiring and eye-catching products to support worldwide enterprises' promotional strategy over the competitive market.

With experience over twenty years, we are confident that Sino Scheme will be able to meet and exceed your expectations.



Having over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have gained good reputations over worldwide market, customers include Timberland, Fila, CK, Disney, CAT, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc...   Up to 2017, Sino Scheme has worldwide customers 60% from Europe, 20% from USA & Canada, 20% from Middle East and Asia.



Supported by over 100 skilled workers in production lines and embroidery section in total, and the monthly production capacity can be reached to one hundred thousands units (100,000 units).  And also a marketing team in Hong Kong immediately responses to inquiries and questions, provides professional advices and prompt arrangements.  Not merely essential procedures and documents with regarding shipment, payment are prepared, even more customers' special request can be solved immediately.  We believe customer knows the difference.  


The embroidery quality is assured by using imported Japanese technology and machinery, controlled by life-long committed skillful workers, which enable us to produce products in above customers' satisfaction and keep our products in consistently high quality.



To cope with different budget needed, we offer a wide range of prices in fabrics and materials for customer choice.  Also in considering feature and design of product is another main factor in pricing, let's discuss it with our professional marketing team where you can find our high quality in serving. 



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